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Your Memory Jar is a keepsake container made special by the addition of your meaningful mementos while serving in the armed forces.  Small but meaningful items such as currency from lands you traveled. Rank, Patches and Ribbons, something borrowed from a comrade, they all tell stories that will be forgotten unless you can pass them on.    Please find an elegant and secure home for your Memory Jar.  In time pass these gifts of your military history on whenever you like, to a grandchild, niece, or nephew.*

Make sure to add your name, dates and information, before you pass it on with your small sentiments. Of course the real treasure is the gift of love, friendship, freedom, joy, and peace that your tour gave to America. The Jar represents this and should be passed down and live forever with your family or friend. God bless you and America.


Military Memory Jars




$10.00 + Shipping

Military Memory Jar