Sew Pretty




Nonprofit Custom Handbags and Disability Aids made in the U.S.

Sew Fine * Sew Elegant * Sew Individual * Sew Worth It  Multiple Sclerosis Volunteers and Disabled Veterans

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Our mission is one of economic awareness and empowering ourselves through life skills and work.  We are MSer’s  (Multiple Sclerosis volunteers) and Veterans donating back to our community.  We are 501c3 non-profit organization, whose purpose is to enhance the opportunities for persons with multiple sclerosis and disabled veterans to engage in community activities, increase their awareness of community resources, and services, and serve as advocates for the disabled.













Sew Pretty Corp. has reached across to AWAVA in Uganda, Africa and has partnered with AWAVA to sell their products (custom handbags, disability aids, clothing and other handmade wares) in the U.S.  This non-profit organization is staffed by women artisans from conflicted areas in Uganda.  AWAVA's focus is on economic empowerment through sustainable peace and income generation for these talented women.  Each AWAVA product proudly displays the “awava” label."




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